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Dud Jokes is my lifelong passion: to find and share the best Dad jokes. Awful, groany, eye-rolling; puns and wobbly humour to share with your kids.

This site is free to use. For one thing, most of the jokes here have been freely given by contributors, or shamelessly lifted from other joke sites. Old chestnuts, many of them, some massaged a bit to tell a better story. And a bit of my own material: my pleasure to share.

The site costs me a bit for hosting and traffic and security, and I’ve signed up for a few ads to help pay. I don’t pick the ads, so if you get sponsored links to inappropriate sites, you may wish to check your browsing history and cookies.

I also include some affiliate links. I heartily recommend Amazon as a source for books and videos, such as Isaac Asimov’s Treasury of Humour, one of the best resources for the jokester ever written. If you follow an Amazon link from this site, I’ll get a few cents back.

And if you ever feel like showing your love in a more direct fashion, you may kick in whatever you want via the form below. Think of me as a busker on the internet. I have my hat out for small change, but if you stop for a moment and chuckle, that’s all the reward I need. Rate the jokes, drop me a line, share the moment.


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